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Our Mission

To bring great quality, the latest design capability, and smiley vibe e-bikes to the NZ market at prices like you wouldn't believe!!

This one runs on fat and saves you money

Our Story

Chris and Darleen Hoff-Nielsen

Chris and Darleen packed up their lives in Brussels and moved to Waiheke Island in search of smiley faces and a school where their kids could go barefoot. That sorted, they turned their attention to starting the right business.

Rob Vaasen started eCyclesNZ 12 months prior, renting out e-bikes to visitors to Waiheke Island. The face-splitting, yiharr! smiles from whizzing up them hills no sweat were enough to convince Darleen and Chris that they'd found their next adventure.

In March we opened our second store in Newmarket - mixing Bikes and Barbers.

Our People

Chris brings more than 30 years experience as an automotive design engineer. He's a creative visionary, has a savvy business head, loves sailing and chocolate.

Thomas pedals the 'NEW'market shop. Shifting BULLITTS and letting every passer by try the R'e'-volution in the electric assist bike world.

Darleen is the one that brings Chris' crazy brilliance together, wraps it into a plan and makes it F.L.Y.

Andrew is our bike mechanic extraordinaire. His muchos years experience in the NZ electronics and programming industry is an invaluable complement to Chris' electrics expertise. He loves sailing, flat whites,fags and playing with bikes (not necessarily in that order!)

For the love of smiley faces!


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Thank you Gary for making us feel so welcome. We have thoroughly enjoyed our visit to Waiheke. The electric assist bicycles from ECyclesNZ in Oneroa was the best way to truly see and experience the island. From the wonderful meals, to the kind hospitality. You truly have a jewel of a B & B. Thanks so much Beth and Jim


Onya Bikes Waiheke

124 Oceanview Road
Waiheke Island
Mob: +64 220 502 233
Tel: +64 9 372 4428

Bikes & Barbers

53b Davis Cresent
Newmarket, Auckland
Tel: 0508 BULLITT
Tel: 0508 285 5488